About Me

I'm mostly active on VHF and UHF - Analog, D-Star, and DMR.  You will frequently find me on the DMR talkgroup California or SoCal.

My local DMR repeaters are on BrandMeister so you will find most of my DMR activity there. BrandMeister Profile

I do a little HF work, not much at present, but I intend to increase that.  I have a couple of friends active with SOTA, so I'm starting to follow them around.

You can also follow my amateur radio blog at http://www.af6fb.net.


I'm active with The PAPA System, 14 hilltops with 34 repeaters covering all of Southern California with analog, DMR, and D-Star repeaters.

I run with the MARC group (marc-hq.org) supporting Southern California bicycle charity events.

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