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ATC Circuit Breakers

RIGrunners from West Mountain Radio are great.  I have several of them.  But, I also feel the need to carry a pouch of extra fuses.

I have seen a number of people plug their power source into the wrong end of their know then end with the 1 amp fuse, not the one labeled "DCIN" and has the 40 amp fuse.  The first time they power something up the circuit breaks.  That sucks.

Recently I became aware of ATC Circuit Breakers from Bussman, or Cooper Industries, or Eaton, whatever they are calling themselves now.

These are small, manual-reset circuit breakers that plug into a standard ATC fuze socket, like the ones found on a RIGrunner.

These circuit breakers are available in 8 different load capacities from 5 to 30 amps.  The specific ratings are 5, 6, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 amps.  They are colored to match ATC fuses.

You can see these circuit breakers are taller than fuses. For me, this isn't a problem, but it could be in some installations.

I purchased mi…

Getting started with the DVMega and EasyBM

After getting started with DMR I was excited to explore additional capabilities.  I started with the DV4Mini.  I was frustrated with this solution because it really only supports Windows and DMRPlus reflectors.  The BrandMeister team created a new version of the software to work with their network, but I have to either go to the software or the Extended Routing page of the BrandMeister site to change talkgroups.

The DVMega board was an early entry, but I was concerned about complexities in getting it running. When you go to the DVMega web site there is very little information about how to setup and use the board.

I talked with a few different people and decided to take the jump.  I purchased a Raspberry Pi 3, mostly because it has built in Wi-Fi, and a DVMega Dual Band.  Why did I choose the dual band? Not sure, it just seemed like I should.  I also wanted to get a case that would make it easy to carry the system with me.

I decided on the DHAP Mini Mega case.  This is a purpose-built cas…


Emergency Communications, or EMCOM, is a significant element of amateur radio.  As new voice modes are added there is always interest in using the latest technology.

DMR on the Brandmeister network has taken a major step in making DMR much more usable for EMCOM.

The following annoucement was posted in the BrandMeister Facebook group:

Due to the high demand for emergency communications on DMR we have implemented two new (worldwide) talkgroups
TG 9911 - EMCOM USTG 9112 - EMCOM EUPlease keep these talkgroups clear. Use them only for Emergency Communications!
(FAQ: why is there a 9 infront of each TG? The 9 stands for global TGs that are not bound to any country.)
For the PAPA System we have decided to add EMCOM US (9911) to our code plugs.  We intend to create an EMCOM zone with channels for each repeater.

This is being done to discourage use of the talkgroup, except during an emergency, and to make it easier to move between repeaters if you are using the talkgroup.

Listen to the DMR Roundtable …