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Handheld Mobile

I have done a variety of things for mobile ops over the years. Currently, I'm using a handheld in my car as I haven't taking the time to mount a mobile yet. I've also used a handheld on my motorcycle.

My preferred mount is the RAM Mount RAM-HOL-BC1U - High Strength Composite Cradle for Devices with Belt Clips.  Wow, that name is a mouth full.  Let's just call it the Mobile Mount.  Here is the official picture from the RAM Mount site.

This holder has a diamond mount on the back.  I used one of these for a long time before I figured out I needed a place to hang a speaker mic.  To do this I simply mounted a piece of metal between the holder and the ball mount.  I rapped the metal with para-cord to give the speaker-mic some grip.  This gives me a great place to put my speaker-mic.  After taking these pictures I see that I should have painted the metal before mounting it.

You will also see that I put some felt pads and rubber on the holder.  This isn't really needed in the…