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Update 2016-Sep-13 - The creator of the DV4MF2 software has decided to stop updating the software. At this time the DV4 family of products is being designed to support the DMR+ network, not BrandMeister. If you are looking at the DV4Mini for use on the BrandMeister network I would look elsewhere.
Please consider the DVMega or OpenSpot/SharkRF products instead.

The DV4Mini is a USB dongle that give the operator an ability to connect into DMR, D-Star, Fusion and other networks.  For DMR both DMR+ and BrandMeister are support.

This discussion will not include setting up the dongle as getting the software to work can be a challenge.  There are a couple of URLs you will need to get started.

You will need the DV4MF2 software to use BrandMeister.  But, you must install the DV4Mini software first, then download DV4MF2 and put it into the same folder as the DV4Mini.exe file.

From there you can run the DV4MF2 application.

Software Setup

Start on the “Gateway Setup” tab.  For most PAPA members, you will want to select the 3103 master.  This is in San Jose.  For reference 3101 is in New York, and 3102 is in Texas.

You will also want to set your radio ID and location information.

Now go back to the “DV Operation” tab.  Set the frequency, DV Mode (BrandMeister) and select “XTG” (Extended Talkgroup).  Next you can select a talkgroup.  Start with something easy like 3106.  After selecting the talkgroup click on the “Talkgroup” button.  You should see a message about routing to the talkgroup.

Radio Setup

Now that you have the software setup you need to program your radio.  Create a zone and channel.  Setup your channel as follows:

  • Color Code: 1
  • Time Slot: 2
  • TX/RX Frequency: match the software
  • Talkgroup ID: 9

You should now be able to key up your radio and talk via the DV4Mini.

To change talkgroups you would simply select a different talkgroup and click the “Talkgroup” button.

Extended Routing

Another way to change talkgroups is by using the BrandMeister dashboard.  On the Dashboard select “Extended Routing”.  Under User ID select yourself.  This will only work if you have the DV4MF2 software connecting to the same master you are viewing on the web.

Now you can select a talkgroup, click OK, and start transmitting on that talkgroup.


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