DV4Mini - A Dongle for DMR, D-Star, and Fushio

The DV4Mini is a new device from a company called Helitron in Germany.  It is similar to the DVAP used for D-Star, in addition to D-Star it supports DMR and Fusion as well.  It's also much more affordable, about $100.
This device is a USB dongle with an SMA connector for an antenna.  It has a low power radio, about 10mw.  Plenty for connecting with a nearby radio.  The provided software is for Windows, but it will run under Wine on Linux.  They even provide an image for the Raspberry Pi.  They have also made a commitment towards open source, so hopefully we'll see more versions of this software...like an Android version.
We are just on the edge of getting access to it here in the US, it's going to be interesting to see how people use it.
My interest is mostly in it's DMR capabilities, at this time, it's a little unclear how this device will work with the Motorola network.  I understand there is a bridge that connects between a C-Bridge and a DMRPlus reflector.  This connection to a reflector is where things start to get interesting.
The idea of being able to reach into other geographies is interesting, something I've experimented with on D-Star.  I also like the idea of connecting back to my home area when I'm away from town.  I would like to see my local group, the PAPA System, create a reflector for the local area.
[Source: Helitron]

Update: 2015-09-27
I received an email from Helitron about the timeline US deliveries.  They are setting up a manufacturing partner in the US and expect to have product for sale in the US in mid-November.

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