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Mobilinkd TNC2

APRS or Amateur Packet Reporting System is a perty cool system.  It makes it easy to send messages and position information over an RF link to others in the area.

With the MARC group ( we use APRS on our motorcycles and SAG (Support and Gear) vehicles.  This lets net control know where we are, but also makes it easier fro a SAG to find a motorcycle when when additional support is needed.

Some of our motors are equipped with a device called a tracker.  This is a transmit-only device that sends the rider's location at specific time intervals.  I have a couple of issues with this.  First, since it's transmit only, it can't listen first to make sure it isn't transmitting on top of someone else.  Second, it can't be a digi-peater.  A specialized device that extends the range of the APRS network.

The other thing I don't like is transmitting location information at fixed intervals.  This can lead to unnecessary transmissions (like while stopped), a…

Last Heard App version 1.04

Here is another update for the Last Heard app.  Version 1.04 adds in support for the Hoosier DMR group in Indiana.  It also resolves a problem experienced by people with smaller screens.  Scroll support has been added for the detail page and the about page.