Thinking about Hytera

In the beginning A Hytera PD782G was my first DMR radio. It was nice, but everyone I new at the time was getting Motorola radios. I gave mine to my son. He hasn't been using it so I took it back.

When I heard about Talker Alias coming to BrandMeister I wanted to try it. But, it was only supported on Hytera radios and repeaters. So, I didn't get it more thought.

New Excitement Talker Alias is now supported on MMDVMHost-based repeaters and hotspots as well as the OpenSpot. Now, I'm more interested.

I updated the PD782G firmware and setup some channels for the hotspot.

End result, I'm now able to receive Talker Alias on the Hytera radio when it's connected to my hotspot. I'm very excited.

Discoveries Another interesting thing happened along the way. Even though the PD782G is very close to the same size as my XPR7550 I find the PD782G a lot easier to hold in my hand.

There are some other things I like as well. The tuning knob is more responsive, the display has mo…

DMR Nets on BrandMeister

The following list is a summary of nets available for DMR users on BrandMeister repeaters.
You should check with your local repeater operator for timeslot usage.

All times listed are for California unless otherwise noted.
MondayPAPA DMR Roundtable20:00California 3106TuesdayTexas Tech Net17:001Texas 3148Ventura County Digital Radio Club Net19:30VCDRC 31070SNARS DMR Net20:00SNARS 31328WednesdayOhio Statewide Net17:30Ohio 3139Texas Statewide Net17:301Texas 3148North America Tech Net17:00North America 93EU DMR net20:002Europe 92ThursdayKentucky Net17:00Kentucky 3121West Virginia DMR and Service net17:00West Virginia 3154NorCal19:00NorCal 31063Ventura County Digital Radio Club (VCDRC)19:00Ventura 310652Arkansas Net19:00Arkansas 3105Hytera USA19:30Hytera 31089FridayTennessee Statewide21:003Tennessee 3147SaturdayBM Worldwide Net14:002Worldwide 91SundayTAC-310 Net17:00TAC-310 310Iowa Statewide Net19:304Iowa 31191 Texas local time
3 Tennessee local time
4 Iowa local time

If you know of addit…

Find Out Which Talkgroups are Active on a Repeater

BrandMeister recently added a new feature. This feature allows you to send a text message and get a response.

Here are the details:

Start a messageThe body of the message should be "RPT".Send the message to 262994. This needs to be entered as a private call.

The server will send back a message that looks something like the following:

Hi Michael, WA6LIF PAPA has the following static TGs:


and the following dynamic TGs:

I have had some issues with this, it's not 100% yet. Sometimes it won't let me send the message, other times I get no response.

#OptOutside - Getting Sun On My Radio

I decided to avoid Black Friday and get away from stores, but not site at home watching TV either.

I packed up my Elecraft KX3 and headed for a local park.

The plastic box is for my wire antenna. It has way more stuff than I needed and I think it weighs more than the I may abandon it for future trips. I also brought my 20AH LiFePo3 battery. The voltage didn't drop at all during the entire 3 hours. I'm going to bring a smaller battery next time.

I setup an end-fed wire antenna and operated for about 3 hours. I only made five contacts, but it was still fun. The noise level was much lower than at home.

I need to figure out how to log an NPOTA (National Parks On The Air) contact as I connected to a station in Washington that was calling from a National Park.
The bag is great for the KX3, it is a +Maxpedition Incognito Quad. The inside is just the right size for the KX3, PX3, and my battery. I couldn't have asked for a better fit. There are large and small compartments …

Regional Talkgroups for BrandMester

The BrandMeister team has introduced a set of regional talkgroups. This are similar to the ones we had on C-Bridge.

BrandMeister has added the following US Regional Talk Groups:

Midwest Region TG3169Mountain Region TG3177Mid-Atlantic Region TG3173Northeast Region TG3172Southern Plains Region TG3175Southeast Region TG3174Southwest Region TG3176

Add these to your code plugs as you see fit.

Ham Radio Friendly Fonts

For most people being able to see the difference between the capital letter "O" and a zero is a matter of context. You simply don't see a letter in the middle of a phone number, or a number at the beginning of a word.

This isn't usually a problem on the computer either, the context will usually tell you which is intended.

In some applications the difference is important and context will not always help you out. For people that deal with data in it's raw form it can be harder to figure out which is which from the context.  This is true in ham radio as well. To combat this many people use a slash through the zero to differentiate it from the capital letter "O". It is unfortunate that most computer fonts do not provide the slash.

Paul Young G0HWC of Essex, England created a comprehensive list of fonts include a slash through the zero. Thank you to Paul!

In addition, there is a Morse Code font. No more using hyphen and p…

BrandMeister - DV4Mini

Update 2016-Sep-13 - The creator of the DV4MF2 software has decided to stop updating the software. At this time the DV4 family of products is being designed to support the DMR+ network, not BrandMeister. If you are looking at the DV4Mini for use on the BrandMeister network I would look elsewhere.Please consider the DVMega or OpenSpot/SharkRF products instead.
The DV4Mini is a USB dongle that give the operator an ability to connect into DMR, D-Star, Fusion and other networks.  For DMR both DMR+ and BrandMeister are support.

This discussion will not include setting up the dongle as getting the software to work can be a challenge.  There are a couple of URLs you will need to get started.

DV4Mini Software: DV4MF2 Software:

You will need the DV4MF2 software to use BrandMeister.  But, you must install the DV4Mini software first, then download DV4MF2 and put it into the same folder as the DV4Mini.exe file.
From there you …